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Can you name the major cities of the United States by their names of their main streets?

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Thomas, Union, Chelsea
Chestnut, Liberty, Baxter
Park, Broadway, Astoria
Griffin, Live Oak, Gaston
Woodland, Lafayette, Jefferson
Charles, Franklin, North
Pike, Aurora, Mercer
Pennsylvania, K, Constitution
Woodward, Gratiot, Jefferson
McDowell, Van Buren, Central
Cambridge, Beacon, Seaport
Flamingo, Sahara, Tropicana
Sunset, San Fernando, La Brea
Trade, Stonewall, Tryon
Cleveland, Broad, Long
Ohio, Meridian, West
Spring Garden, Broad, Market
Cesar E. Chavez, Martin, Hackberry
Colfax, Speer, Park
Market, Van Ness, California
Roosevelt, Lake Shore, Michigan
Bissonet, Memorial, Main
Burnside, Lovejoy, Broadway
Kings, Talleyrand, Pearl
Prospect, Kilbourne, National
Harbor, Pacific, Park
Coleman, Julian, The Alameda
Lamar, Red River, Enfield
Henderson, Rosedale, Lancaster
Paisano, Schuster, Mesa

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