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The Villain in Glasses
Turn your pet pig to bacon and get over it
Mental curse, “Absolute Choice”
“Heaven is a six-tatami, one room, second floor apartment on Earth. Being a NEET is the best”
Weapons and their weilders attend school together and gather the evil souls in their world
To save the world, assasinate your teacher
Generation of miracles
With the help of her friends and a talking cat, a gluttonous girl has to transform into a miniskirt wearing crime fighter and save the world's energy
Super Peace Busters
“Saisho wa guu, jan-ken-pon!”
- Quit it it’s gross - It will be fine, I have brought plastic wrap
If he sees underwear, humanity will be destroyed
A gamer has to apply his dating game sim skills on real girls
A dead guy has a mute, a loli, and a big breasted woman living with him
Mashiro Duty
Breast milk = Power
Fail to confess her love properly, ends up helping her crush with his manga
Girl getting haunted by a fox-, dog- and raccon spirit
“Little Giant”
Humanity living behind walls
Rinshan Kaihou!
Crossdresser is harrassed by rich gang
“There's no such thing as useless effort”
Girl defeats people by stripping people of their clothes with a giant-ass scissor
“Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don't care”
Einstein, Galileo, Da Vinci, Edison
Butler is a girl
“What’s 1000 minus 7?”
“Go to hell, tin can!”
8th grade syndrome
“El psy congroo”
Imouto-chan eats Onii-chan
People kidnapped to an island, forced to kill each other with bombs
Amusement Park populated by fairies/maple landers
A group of kids are hit with a blizzard at summer camp and are sent to another dimension where everything is made out of computer data and every child gets a monster companion
Senbonzakura kageyoshi
- I was a shepherd in a past life - And I was a nun at a convent
Detective Trap, Perfect Crime Party, Reversi
“I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blades Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life Have withstood pain to create many weap
Fire Dragon's Roar!
Mid-class level 3 angel: LOVE AND PEACE!
“I am the strongest man in the world”
Toothbrush ecchi
Android with a lifespan of 81,920 hours
Starburst Stream
“It’s Over 9000!”
Gangs fighting with motorized rollerblades
Ten year olds abuse small, cute animals
Boy gets summoned and made familiar by a flat-chested tsundere magician
“I will be the pirate king!”
“People die when they are killed”
¼ youkai
High school boy coaches a team of lolis in basketball after captain was caught having a relationship with a loli
『 』
A baby repeatedly shoots a middle schooler
Otaku vampire
“I, ________, command you! Now, all of you...Die!”
Short angry kid and giant walking armour suit practice alchemy
No friends (neighbors) club
“My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!”
Magical girl (boy) zombie
Promise to marry after fulfilling dream of becoming a mangaka
“Welcome to Queen Decim”
Zebul Emblem
Millenium Earl
Gets saved by a mermaid, who is the daughter of a merfolk mafia boss
Gear second, third, fourth
Imagine Breaker
Promise, pendant, fake couple
“But there is no rule that says an imitation cannot defeat the original”
“I am Ainz Ooal Gown. With that name at stake, there can be no defeat”
Satan working at McDonalds
hiime hime!! hime! suki suki daisuki hime!! hime!! kira kira rin ☆ kimi to minna ireba watashi tte zettai muteki
Human potential is decided by a computer/brains in glass chambers
Duel Avatar: Silver Crow
A second grader is smarter than the Japanese police force combined
An otaku sextexting causes the past to change
A high school student finds a notebook that will kill whoever's name is written inside it and uses it to kill criminals
“I'd rather trust and regret, than doubt and regret”
“I'm not stupid. I'm just too lazy to show how smart I am”
“Alien” girl wrapped in futon
Perverted cooking, foodgasm
Humans living under the sea
Loli big boobs

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