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Forced Order
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Girl getting haunted by a fox-, dog- and raccon spirit
“Saisho wa guu, jan-ken-pon!”
To save earth, assassinate your octopus teacher
The dark knight, Hachiman
7 friends are forced to share each others pain
Super Peace Busters
Android with a lifespan of 81,920 hours
Lolis and basketball
People fighting for the cheapest lunch box
Mental curse, “Absolute Choice”
Student council president secretly works part-time as a maid
“Rinshan Kaihou!”
Mysterious virus that kills everyone above the age of 13
Reverse harem with a badass red-haired princess
Toothbrush ecchi
Hiime hime!! hime! suki suki daisuki hime!! hime!! kira kira rin ☆ kimi to minna ireba watashi tte zettai muteki
Dark Flame Master
Samurai killing giant insects
High schoolers still have to attend school after death
Spawn of satan with blue flames
Magical girl flying around capturing cards like pokemon
Guys in golden golored armor depicting the zodiacs
Young lady that loves bones
Blazing tsundere loli with a katana
If he sees underwear, humanity will be destroyed
Butler is a girl
Don-don donuts, let's go nuts!
The main characters are named Adam and Eve. + a green haired kid
Otaku vampire
He is cool, stylish and perfect. Who is it?
Disciple with a chinese kenpo-, jujutsu-, karate-, muay thai-, ninjutsu- and superman as masters
Boy and girl promise to marry after becoming successful mangaka and voice actress
“I seriously hates Sundays”
ALMOST everyone in this group of assassins end up dead
Breast milk = Power
Boy gets summoned and made familiar by a flat-chested tsundere magician
No friend club
Girl forced to crossdress cause of a broken vase
“El psy congroo”

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