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Forced Order
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A shut-in got a job through a survey as a moe missionary in a fantasy world
Oppai dragon
Magical girl (boy) zombie
Fail to confess her love properly, ends up helping her crush with his shoujo manga
Fortune absorbing girl meets the goddess of misfortune
“I am the strongest man in the world”
Spreading porn is the new terrorist trend
Φ (Phi)
Human potential is decided by a computer (brains in glass chambers)
Loli big boobs
Millenium Earl
2 people get to play games at a bar after death
“Who are we? Who shed the most sweat? Shed the most tears? Are you ready for the fight? Bearing pride in our hearts, we have just one goal! The national championship! Let's go!'
Ukiha Kamikaze Sword Style
¼ youkai
Imouto-chan eats Onii-chan
”It's not Zura, it's Katsura”
Protagonist meets a death god that are addicted to apples
961 years old gothic loli demi-goddess
The Black Hero and The Lonesome Devil
Witches activate their abilities by kissing
“My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!”
An academy with unique students that are forced to commit murder and get away with it to graduate
Timid guy ends up confessing to an alien by being an idiot. The more he tries to fix the misunderstanding the more girls he get in his harem.
“Power of Kings” - an ability to draw out a crystallised magical item from individuals by stabbing them in the chest and making them moan
ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos
Memory sucking vampires piloting gundams
6 adventurers having a hard time with a single goblin in the first episode
Mid-class level 3 angel: LOVE AND PEACE!
Dempsey roll
『  』(Blank)
Gangs fighting with motorized rollerblades
“Ainz Ooal Gown”
“Rokkon shojo!”
“-Quit it it’s gross -It will be fine, I have brought plastic wrap”
Stealing other peoples superpowers by possessing them
“What’s 1000 minus 7?”
To cleanse the world from impurities, a boy and girl need to f*ck
A busty fox deity and a flat-chested wolf deity tries to rape a kid

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