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Forced Order
Also try: Hamilton or 1776?
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Caped baldy
Humans living under the sea
Neet detective
Delinquent carrying a baby on his back
“Returns by Death.”
Generation of miracles
Poor god doing anything for 5 yen
Perverted cooking, foodgasm
A stone cat grants MC's wish to becoma a pervert in public
Fire Dragon's Roar/Karyū no Hōkō
A girl with thick eyebrows carries a coffin holding a sniper rifle inside
Promise, pendant, fake couple
It's fine to be a siscon if your sister is cute enough
14 year old prince, on a journey to reclaim his kingdom
Note-kun plays tennis
The once all girls school became a school full of dirty sex jokes after becoming co-ed
Get rich by having your future held as collateral
Turn your pet pig to bacon and get over it
“-I was a shepherd in a past life -And I was a nun at a convent”
MC moves into a complex where his crush lives, along with a masochist roommate, big-breasted single woman and a predatory college woman
“-What about you? What did you have in your heart? What did you lean on? -... I had you”
Humans killing giant naked humans without genitals
“It’s Over 9000!”
“Go beyond! Plus ultra!”
Cof-fee so-da, tof-fee pas-ta, cof-fee so-da, give me cof-fee
Man explodes his clothing, launches his bra, blinding the victim and starts thrusting his hips like a sewing machine
Bossy girl searching for aliens, time travelers and espers
A cultivator in the art of listlessness
War between Martians and Terrans
Girls are battleships
Sket Brigade, Bossun!
OP siscon with no emotions
Gunpla is a sport
Gets saved by a mermaid, who is the daughter of a merfolk mafia boss
“Go to hell, tin can!”
“Make one peep and I rape you”
Satan working at McDonalds
Dullahan is now a woman and rides a motorbike in a helmet with cat design

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