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Ten year olds abuse small, cute animals
Amusement Park populated by fairies/maple landers
A gamer has to apply his dating game sim skills on real girls
A group of kids are hit with a blizzard at summer camp and are sent to another dimension where everything is made out of computer data and every child gets a monster
A party with a lucky neet, useless goddess, explosion-obsessed magician and masochist crusader
Girl defeats people by stripping them of their clothes with a giant scissor
A second grader is smarter than the Japanese police force combined
High school students create chibi versions of themselves to fight themselves and teachers
A delinquent wannabe is forced to join the game-making club
A boy on adventure in search for balls to use on his sword
A baby repeatedly shoots a middle schooler
Cheap snacks and candy have never been more profound
You can use it to get your laundry white
Mashiro Duty
Short angry kid and giant walking armour suit practice alchemy
People kidnapped to an island, forced to kill each other with bombs
With the help of her friends and a talking cat, a gluttonous girl has to transform into a miniskirt wearing crime fighter and save the world's energy
Okazaki the lolicon
A weretiger got recruited by a suicide maniac to join a detective agency
The scary dragon and tsundere tiger falls in love
The Villain in Glasses
A boy gets stranded on an island with only women and talking animals. His master is a chicken
Weapons and their wielders attend school together and gather the evil souls in their world
Narcissistic calligrapher gets exiled to a rural island by his father
Mutated cockroaches on Mars
A blue cat with a infinity pocket full of trash
Imagine Breaker
”Alien” girl wrapped in futon
A crew consisting of: a rubber man, no direction sense swordsman, pervert cook, burglar navigator, liar, reindeer, macabre archaeologist, cyborg and bones
“Little Giant”
Teens risking their lives in search for a ghost girls collection of treasures
Duel Avatar: Silver Crow
“I've masturbated to you before”
“It was me, Dio!”
“I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blades Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life”
Masochist lolicon working at a family restaurant
“I'm not stupid. I'm just too lazy to show how smart I am”
A guy tries to cure his masochism by seeking help from a sadistic girl

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