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ClueCelebrity NameInitials
If she would have married Tom, she wouldn't have had to change her last name! Well, just the spelling.PC
Mamma Mia! Is she even Italian?MS
It wasn't her who asked, 'Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?'AS
She'll bring it if you ask her to Bring It On.GU
She might tell you that You Belong With Me!TS
Her career was Lost before finding a hit tv show.EL
Was a not so bright blonde in a show where her parents were Married with kids.CA
Was Bourne to be in those movies with Damon.JS
Starred in a movie based on a popular Evil video game.MJ
This House Bunny loves Scary Movies.AF
She starred in a show located in a Jungle, made out of Lipstick?BS
Her movie didn't Glitter at all!MC
I thought I'd never stop hearing her telling us how her Heart Will Go On!CD
Spends a lot of time with John Travolta.KP
The only clue I can think of to give is that she starred in JAG.CB
Her character went to school with a female killer before working for Angel.CC
Why she is a celebrity, I do not know. Maybe her big back side is the reason.KK
This Hero was Obsessed on screen with Beyonce's manAL
Her character was chased around by Imhotep.RW
I wonder if she's sick of the word Umbrella yet.R
Moved from Melrose Place to Spin City.HL
Played a Peeeerfect villain for Batman.JN
Was one of Charlie's Angels.FF
All she wants to do, is have some fun.SC
Her character didn't stop moving The Day the Earth Stood Still.JC
ClueCelebrity NameInitials
Found fame on The O C.RB
Her father sang about his Achy Breaky Heart.MC
Is on one of those many hospital shows. And no, it isn't ER!SC
Moved away from her Friends to Cougar Town.CC
House. That's all I know about her.OW
If being an heiress makes you a celeb, then I guess she would be one.PH
Her character never hung around with Buffy. She prefered Angel.AA
Her character helped inmates escape prison.SC
Good Will Hunting helped her career.MD
A child star that seems to be getting it right.DF
Played a character who could walk thru walls, and then a pregnant teen in an indy hit.EP
Kevin Arnold had a thing for her Winnie character.DM
Her character was Unfaithful.DL
Said, 'If I do crack... show me the receipts!'WH
Was Supreme!DR
Also Known As Lizzie McGuire.HD
Is an American Idol.KC
Took over for Jenny McCarthy on an MTV dating show.CE
Grew up on Nick before starring with Travolta.AB
She had An Adventure in Babysitting in the late 80's.ES
Is one Desperate Housewife.MC
So powerful, thousands read books that she tells them to!OW
Became famous when her character danced with a make believe baby.CF
Everyone knows about her botched boob job!TR
Searched for the truth about Aliens.GA

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