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ClueCelebrity NameInitials
You wouldn't want her to have a CRUSH on you!AS
Well, at least she doesn't yell at the dead. At least her show title tells me she doesn't.JLH
Played a stripper who helped an old time Wrestler.MT
'Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?'JS
Played the crush of an alien in a small town.KK
Brought to life every gamers fantasy woman.AJ
Loved the 70's.MK
Shagged a spy that was frozen in the 60's and defrosted in the 90's.HG
Living in Australia, most likely does not live on a Cold Mountain.NK
I was up From Dusk Till Dawn trying to figure out what she says!SH
Isn't a Slumdog any more.FP
Util one of her movies came out, I didn't know it was illegal to be a certain hair color!RW
Was she Thelma, or Louise?SS
Marrying a back up dancer almost ended her career!BS
Left a Creek and married a short moviestar.KH
She's just The Girl Next Door.EC
Was never in first Heaven, or 2nd. Not even 3rd or 4th. Nope, not 5th or 6th either!JB
Plays a reporter who loves a man of steel.ED
Stars on a show that people who love to talk behind your back would like.LM
She'll be there to help, even if she runs in slow motion!PA
Contest winner who sang at Footballs biggest game in 2010.CU
If she was like one of her characters, she could read your mind!FJ
Stars in a show that must be about how the earth was made?KC
Started out with a little Hope and Faith.MF
Would YOU ever lose her in Translation?SJ
Holla at her, she won't Holla Back!GS
Won an Academy Award AND a Razzie in the same year!HB
She was in the biggest movie blockbuster of all time. Well, until Avatar knocked it out of the top spot.KW
Loves a good five finger discount!WR
Was a Pussycat. Well, her bandmates were anyways.RLC
A Complicated Canadian.AL
Her character helps a boy wizard stay alive!EW
Will Ferrell's character liked her singing in a holiday film.ZD
Played a character whos last name was the 4th planet from the sun.KB
ClueCelebrity NameInitials
NY funny girl.TF
The Bell Saved her before moving to California.TAT
She was FLY when she started. Her back became more famous than her front!JL
Played a typical unpopular plain girl who then finds our she's a princess!AH
Was the Cats meow in 1989 movie role.MP
One Dirty Genie!CA
Her character helped hunt monsters in Transylvania.KB
Played a character that killed at night.SMG
Had a bad accent in American Pie.SE
Was most poplar with her Friends.JA
Plays an indestructible Hero.HP
Is she Hot, or is she Cold?KP
Her character loved a man of steel, now, a plumber.TH
Character works better with dead people.ED
This blonde played two aliens in two different tv series.LV
Played an Angel, and was Invisible in another role.JA
She definitely doesn't look like a Monster.CT
Starred in movie that was good enough to make a sequel. AND SHE PLAYED A NUN!WG
Played soccer early, then moved out onto the sea for three films.KK
Her butt kicking character made her known worldwide.LL
She was one of five in a group. Dressed the best.VB
Boxed her way to an Academy Award.HS
Her character had a thing for a guy that's a real swinger.KD
The Things she did were Wild in one of her early movies.DR
From taking a role to drive a bus, to being nominated for an Academy Award.SB
Her mother and sister sing, but she acts,AJ
Playing a hooker shot her to superstardom.JR
Her So Called Life is pretty good.CD
Took a role that took her to a galaxy far, far away.NP
Goes by one name, and her hips won't lie!S
Was an Adams before being chained to a radiator.CR
Panicked in a film and ran into a room.JF
Played a witch before ending up on a show with Doogie!AH
Played someone who had the power to play anyone!RR
ClueCelebrity NameInitials
People treated her cutting her long curly locks as world news!KR
Donned a fat suit to star with Jack Black.GP
If her Party were any more than five, she'd probably Scream!NC
She doesn't play Earl, but she's on his show!JP
Had, 'One of the best videos of all time!' According to Kanye.B
Married to a Texas B-Baller.EL
Posed naked while pregnant.DM
As a little girl, she had a friend that wanted to phone home.DB
Her father wasn't The Boss, just the housekeeper.AM
Her husband was attacked at the zoo by a Komodo Dragon!SS
This young actress had a promising career, then her hard partying started costing her roles. LL
It took her character two films to finally kill William.UT
Vampire or Werewolf? Vampire of Werewolf?KS
Starred in a show that had the title of a supposed UFO landing!SA
There's Something About this girl.CD
Most women would want a Ring, but her character tries to avoid it.NW
Was in three High School Musicals!AT
Her father made a Beverly Hills Zip Code well known.TS
Was in movies, until a tv role Charmed her.RM
Was a real teenage witch!MJH
I wonder if she'll ever take the Red Eye after filming.RM
Supermodel turned talk show host.TB
You had her at hello!RZ
She's just Mad About You!HH
She believes that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.MM
Julie & Julia, which one was she?AA
She loves working in her Office.JF
Played a Medicine Woman.JS
Is 25 years younger than her famous husband!CZJ
Is a real American Beauty.MS
Got Knocked Up in 2007.KH
Was also known as Elektra.JG

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