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Can you name the citizens of Rapture from BioShock and BioShock 2?

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1. Developed the bonding mechanism between the Alpha Series Big Daddies and Little Sisters
2. Symmetry!
3. 'Died' in a shootout with Ryan's forces
4. left in charge of Minerva's den in the absence of number 22
5. Formerly known as Johnny Topside
6. The creator of Persephone
7. Creator of Rapture
8. Playable protagonist of Minerva's Den DLC
9. Brother of 17 and one of the architects of Rapture
10. Get him those snappy snaps!
11. His 'Wife and Kid' are trapped in a sub
12. The discoverer of ADAM
13. Computer System created by 22
14. The first bonded Little Sister
15. Invented the Lazarus Vector
16. Plumber turned general contractor
17. Mixed Religion and Mythology to create a belief system behind the Rapture Family. One of the architects of Rapture
18. Mother of the playable character in BioShock
19. Used to sing Jazz in the Limbo Room
20. You take pictures of his subjects
21. Owner of Dionysus Park and leader of the Rapture Family
22. Co-creator of Rapture Central Computing
23. The 'Ace in the Hole'
24. Came from the surface to investigate the disappearance of his daughter Cindy
25. Responsible for creating Big Daddies and Little Sisters
26. Employee of the Rapture Tribune
27. Injured at the Kashmir Restaurant's New Year party

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