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HintSmoove Saying
What Smoove says when he finds something humorous. It may or may not be auto-tuned.
A popular Smoove saying that he uses after killing an inept opponent. Extra hint: the first two words are in his title.
A triple kill or multi-kill with the big bomb from the AC-130 usually merits this one-word exclamation from Smoove.
Smoove's auto-tuned saying for when he's not rushing but staying in one location, pickin' off the noobs that keep coming back.
When Smoove gets scrambled, he says this.
Smoove's term for when he mistakingly does not kill an opponent with his 5-kill streak.
What Smoove says after he does something that's clever or stylish.
When Smoove uses the grenade launcher attachment, he usually says this.
In a game in which he seems to be doing it all (capping flags, defending, destroying enemy aircraft, etc), Smoove refers to himself as this.
A relatively new Smoove term that he uses to describe an intelligent pathway taken at the onset of the match that will lead to some easy kills.

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