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the political movement toward greater democracy for the common man by American politician Andrew Jackson and his supporters.
What was the name of the first 'third party' in the United States?
An anti-masonic party or the 'third party' candidate who ran against Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay was?
On January 26, 1830, Daniel Webster gave a speech which contain what famous quote?
This act gave President Andrew Jackson the right to negotiate with the Indians about their removal to the west. This also leads to the trail of tears.
What is the name of a bill that Jackson veto because he believed that it was a state's issue and not the federal governments issue?
On 1832, President Andrew Jackson issued the Nullification Proclamation, in which states are forbidden to do what?
Was a U.S. scandal involving members of President Jackson's cabinet and their beloved wives.
Henry Clay was speaker of the house, senate, and secretary of state. One thing he was not ever going to be was president. How many times did Henry Clay run for presidency?
This system made the government positions seem more as award to those who had connections to high government power. President Jackson did not like this system.
First lady, married to the seventh president, was accused of been an adulterer because she was still marry when she continued a relationship.
This political party was formed in opposition to Andrew Jackson's policies and his democratic party; lead by Henry Clay.
On 1837, there was a financial crisis in the United States, in which the government was selling land for state bank notes with high value and lead to a seven year depression, what
John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay met up three times in secret, in which many people believed that they made a deal.Days later Quincy Adams became president. This event is know as:
Jackson and his supporters issued a protective tax levy meant to favor the Norther Industries while it affected the economy of the South. What is the name of this tax?
This person was a great ally to President Jackson and became his Vice President the second term Jackson was elected.

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