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Shakespeare's Job Title
Group of Sheep
On top of your neck
Soft metal
Something you might thread on a necklace
Ursine mammal
Shakespeare's King
A Green Skinned and White Fleshed Fruit
Acidic Decomposed Vegetables
Lively or Cheeky
Ship's Home
Shakespeare's Job Title
Sonnet 18 or Sonnet 116
A Protein-Coding Gene
Knock or Thump with a Stick
Payment when you benefit from something you no longer own
Plot of Land
Much Ado about Nothing or Hamlet
In Julius Caesar, the conspirators had one
Edgar Poe or Sugar
Muslim Call to Ritual Prayer
A Smart Bomb deployed by the Allies
'I come, Graymalkin', 'Paddock calls'
Shakespeare's birth place: Stratford-upon- ___
Long Period of Time
Someone of Low Rank
Gold Spotted Fur
Things in a Pod
Tame Animals
Rung 22 Healers'
Only 5 Countries can do this
Slang for Man
Vague Spanish
Famous Character from Othello

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