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Can you name the rungs in the word ladder about dystopian fiction?

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'Gathering ___'
What one sees when they remove their glasses
What one may do to their speech after a few drinks
Like a lemon or lime
Stern or gloomy
Has a handle
Eventually everyone will meet this
A college student's living quarters
The shape of something
'Animal ___'
To paint with cosmetics
Butter alternative
'___ of the World'
Father of mass production
Golfer's warning
'Catching ___'
Gradually weaken
Mosaic necessity
'A Handmaid's ___'
A Starbucks Order
A large room, usually in a school
Where sinful people go
'The Iron ___'
Pay attention to
'The Wanting ___'
What one may do an email
'___ Sinister'
Let someone borrow something
Pencil's core
Shakespeare's King
A green skinned and white fleshed fruit
French Fear
'Nineteen eighty ___'
What a Scot might ask
Not real
Continous Flow
What one may do to their muscles
Protagonist of 'A Clockwork Orange'
What one may buy at the pub
Greek god of war
Raw metals
'O King' in Latin
'____ and Crake'

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