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YAWN, a girl is x_x and her friends can't stop telling lies
OHH, a strange man has a blue box and no one knows his name
MEH - a woman looks at skeletons all day ( what's the fun in that?) ARGH , I better go -before the dogs come
OK - so I expect I film about buildings and stuff - what do I get ? Mad cops who love to get in danger and fall in love
HUH -.- psychics ? Well we will see about that
YUM - plenty of mice back in the Middle Ages - I just hope Morgana doesn' t kill them all
-.- so people who live in the east and love to have arguments and set houses on fire
SO a crazy guy uses 8 weeks of everyone's time to shout YOUR FIRED
HISS a dog, hippie and his friends set of in a flower painted van
PHAT - another red dog grows big

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