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Something is Opening
I Unfortunately Spoke (Short
Something is Going Out
Break Something
Modest Aru
Something is Breaking
Modest Desu
I Wish I had Eaten
Something is Dropping
The Professor has (Graciously) Gone Home
I Do Not Know Who is Number One
Something is Turned On
Honorific Kuru
I Unfortunately Died
A Dog Called Pochi
Water Boils
Honorific Neru
Modest Teiru
Something is Going In
Something is Inside
Turn Something On
A Novel Called Kokoro
Something is Becoming Dirty
Water is Boling
Something has Dropped
I Humbly Met Someone
Banks Must be Closed
I Unfortunately Died (Short)
Something Becomes Dirty
Something Drops
Honorific Teiru
Something has Gone Out
Something is Turning On
Modest Iku
Something Breaks
Something is Closed
Something is Dirty
I Wish I Hadn't Gone
Honorific Miru
Something Goes On
Modest Iu
Hard to Write
Something is Turning Off
Honorific Kureru
Something Opens
Honorific Suru
Please Look
Honorific Iru
To Study While Listening to Music
Thank You For Helping Me Out
Honorific Taberu
I Read a Newspaper Without Using a Dictionary
Boil Water
Take Something Out
I'm Glad I Studied
Water has Boiled
Modest Taberu
Put Something In
Turn Something Off
I Studied Without Getting Sleep
Something Goes Off
Make Something Dirty
Honorific Iku
Hard to Love
Thank You For Helping Me Out (Formal)
Something Goes Inside
Do you Know Where Mary Lives?
Something is Broken
I Unfortunately Spoke
Something Goes Out
Modest Iru
Something is Closing
Something Closes
Honorific Nomu
Drop Something
Something is Open
Modest Kuru
Easy to Read
Please Watch Out
Honorific Iu
Modest Nomu
Open Something
Modest Suru
Easy to Use
Close Something
Something is Turned Off

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