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Forced Order
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Ba form not to go
If you have a car, you can go to various places
Call home every day
Mary can swim very well, just like a fish
The company is rich, but the worker's sallaries are low
To make something simple/simpler
Ba form to wait
Causative to do
I want my sick friend to get well
Causative to swim
Ba form to buy
Passive to take
Causative to play
Paaive to die
A book is on the table
Passive not go
Passive to swim
Passive to do
Passive to come
Causative to buy
Causative to take
There was a phone call while I was taking a bath
Ba form to eat
Passive to buy
Ba form to come
Passsive to play
Causative to die
I waited, reading a book, while my roomate used my computer
Causative to eat
Causative to go
Causative to speak
I don't want my father to talk about the good old times
Passive to go
The heater was turned on and left that way
I like towns like Kamakura
Ba form to go
Ba form to do
Listen to what the professor has to say
Passive didn't go
Causative to wait
The professor did not allow me to speak in English
Passive to wait
Causative to come
Passive to speak
Passive going
Passive to eat
Causative to read
I think I will let my children go to the place they love
Please let me do this job
I dont want my host family to speak in English
To make something cold/colder
Ms. Tanaka is nice, but Ms. Yamada does not like her

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