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How well do you know Fairy Tail character?

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Iron Dragon Slayer
Fire Dragon Slayer
White Dragon Slayer
Shadow Dragon Slayer
Lighting Dragon Slayer
Poison Dragon Slayer
He use to be in the Tower of Heaven 
Sky Dragon Slayer
Fire God Slayer
Sky God Slayer
Lighting God Slayer
Blue Exceed
White Exceed
She use to be in Caitshelter 
Black Exceed
He was in Edolas 
Gray Exceed
He is in Legion Corps 
Another Blue Exceed
Happy's Mother 
Another White Exceed
Happy Father 
Carla's Mother 
A lion-like exceed
From Blue Pegasus 
Red exceed
From Sabertooth 
Green exceed in a pink frog suit
From Sabertooth 
Celestial Spirit Mage (she got 10 golden keys)
Ice make (static)
Animal Soul
Beast Soul
Satan Soul
Water magic and she use to be in Element 4 in Phantom Lord
In love with Gray 
Healing Doctor
3th & 6th master
Crash magic
Cana's father 
Cards magic
Gildarts' daughter 
Guns magic
daughter of 2 Fairy Tail mages
Never do any quest
Sand Magic
Telepathy magic
Dancing magic
Wood magic
Smoke magic
Purple magic
Pict magic
He loves drawing 
Muscle Speak magic
He has got short-black hair and he wears the half-fing cut blue gloves 
Legend of City magic - she got kinda brownish skin and she wears a cat-like hat, her hair is blonde
Gray Edolas
Last name please 
Natsu Edolas
Last name please 
Lucy Edolas
Last name please 
Purple fire balls magic
He Idol Natsu 
He died bescause he protect the young Erza Scarlet
He use to be in the Tower of Heaven 
Prince of Edolas
King of Edolas (former)
Regulus (ring magic)
The Lion - Celestial Spirit 
Loke's owner before Lucy Heartfilia
She is dead 
Master of Blue Pegasus
Phashing magic 
Perfume magic
Snow magic
Air magic
A hot-girl in Blue Pegasus
Time Malipulation magic
Celestial Spirit 
The clock - ......said that
Celestial Spirit 
The Ram - I'm sorry, I'll try my best!
Celestial Spirit 
The Giant Crab - EBI
Celestial Spirit 
The Golden Bull - NICE BODY!!!
Celestial Spirit 
The Lyre - Singing
Celestial Spirit 
The Southern Cross - z z z Z
Celestial Spirit 
The Twins
Celestial Spirit 
The Paired Fish
Celestial Spirit 
The Scorpion - WE ARE
Celestial Spirit 
Nicola - Puunn Puunn
Celestial Spirit 
The water bearer - CHIX, Who do you think you are? Huuuhh?
Celestial Spirit 
The Maiden - Do I get some punishment? hime?
Celestial Spirit 
The Black Snake
Celestial Spirit 
The Heavenly Scale
Celestial Spirit 
The Goat - Lucy-sama
Celestial Spirit 
The Archer - MOSHI MOSHI
Celestial Spirit 
Ice make (static) (dynamic)
Poison Claw magic
Dog face guy 
Doll magic
Lamia Scale Master
Spining magic 
Earth magic (at the 5th of 10 Saint Wizard)
Sword and Gravity Magic
Gravity Magic
Vegetable Magic
Threat magic
Binding Magic
She use to be in the Tower of Heaven 
Card Magic
He use to be in the Tower of Heaven 
He died because protecting Erza from Jellal magic
He died in the Tower of Heaven 
Polyon & Guns Magic
He use to be in the Tower of Heaven 
Sword magic
They work for Jellal 
Guitar magic
They work for Jellal 
Jet & Absorb
They work for Jellal 
Master of Quatro Ceberus
Alcohol magic
Super drunk! 
Drill n' rock
weird hair! 
Tear magic
Plant Magic
He played the first game Grand Magic Games : Hidden 
He got just abit higher score than Hibiki Lates for the MPF machine
He wore a scarf on his head to create a hat 
He pins when he fight
He loses Milliana when he fight with her 
Master of Raven Tail
Shikigami, illusion and thought projetion magic 
Hair magic
He makes a Blue puppet and he helps Flare Corona to win Lucy Heartfilia
Mimic magic
he tore Toby Horhorta sock 
Needle magic
He played the first game Grand Magic Games : Hidden 
Sorcerer magazine reporter
Pumpkin head man
Toma E. Fiore 
Memory make
He played the first game Grand Magic Games : Hidden 
Sabertooth master
Daughter of Sabertooth master
Rainbow fire magic
Wind magic
In Element 4 
Colorful Fire
In Element 4 
Earth and Sand magic
In Element 4 
Athletic Magic
She is in Legion Corps 
Loves every girls he see
he is in Legion Corps 
Command magic
She is in Legion Corps 
Dod Whistle magic
She is in Legion Corps 
Nullification Magic
Magic Council Headquarters
He betrayed the Magic Council
Magic Council Headquarters 
2nd Seat of the Magic Council
A cat-looking guy
He has his own restaurant
Another form of Jellal
She is kinda old and have blonde hair
Teleportation and Memory control magic
Head Captain of the Custody
Jutsu Shiki magic 
His hair is black and he wore a circle and black glasses
He is very old
he is in the Magic Council 
2nd master of Fairy Tail and master of Grimoire Heart
Grimoire Heart + Fairy Tail 
Gravity magic
Grimoire Heart 
Time, Possession, Ice-make, Transformation, Telekinesis, Thought Projection Magic
She is in Magic Council and Grimoire Heart 
Great Tree Arc
Grimoire Heart 
Maguilty Sense
Grimoire Heart 
Arc of Embodiment
Grimoire Heart 
Mr. Cursey
Grimoire Heart 
Human Subordination
He live inside Capricorn for a while 
Orient Solid Script + Sword magic
Egg magic
Ice-make Teacher
She died because fighting with Deliora 
Wind + Storm magic
He is in Reborn Oracion Seis & Eisenwald 
Shadow magic
Guns magic
Carbuncle Guild 
Telekinesis - he is in Carbuncle Guild
He has long - turquoise spiky hair 
Shadow and Steel magic
Carbundle Guild 
Dispelling and Requip magic
Carbundle Guild 
Prince of Veronica
in the movie: Priestess of the Phoenix 
The main character of the movie: Priestess of the Phoenix
he is a yellow bird with a small beak and big head
in the movie: Priestess of the Phoenix 
Paper magic
Garou Knights - Executioner 
Leader of Garou Knights - Executioner
He don't have name just ...... 
Plant magic
Garou Knights - Executioner 
Terrain Effect Magic - Weapon: Flag pole
Garou Knights - Executioner 
Acid magic
Garou Knights - Executioner 

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