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First to have super-human strength
Known as '----' of the Red Sand
First Swordsman of the Mist
Able to use Wood type Jutsu
Wielder of the Nine-Tailed Fox
Prodigy of the Uchiha Clan
Known as the Pervy-Sage
Uses the puppets Krow,Black Ant,Salamander
Tried to steal the sacred scroll
First Proctor of the Chunin Exams
Was once Orochimaru's student
Created the White Secret Move: Collection of Ten Puppets
Known as the White Fang of Konoha
Called Bushy-Brows
Heiress of the Hyuga
Jinchuriki of the One-Tail Shukaku
Able to use Ice type Jutsu
Wields the Shark Skin Sword
Idea of art is an EXPLOSION
Akatsuki Member who is Immortal
Master of the Mind Body Manipulation
Proctor of the Third Chunin Exam
Plant-like Akatsuki Member
Avenger of the Uchiha
Wields a giant fan
Branch family member of the Hyuga
Konoha Weapons Expert
Bug Wielding Shinobi of Leaf
Has a dog named Akamaru
Uses Human Tank Jutsu

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