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Can you figure out the before-and-after answers with X-Files-themed clues in each question?

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Little-used first names of our heroes—ladies firstPerhaps the single most depressing
animated Disney film
Comedic double-episode that guest-stars Michael McKean, S6, E 4+5Another tear-jerking animated film, but with more dinosaurs
The symbol of Judaism, it appears on
the flag of Israel
Actor who plays Mulder
S1, E12 title; there's a death in Scully's family and a psychic death row inmate played by Brad DourifSimpsons character whose catchphrase is 'Yarrrr'
Subtitle of the first X-Files feature filmMatt Groening's second most well-known animated
TV comedy
2-word name used to refer to William B. Davis's character, always shrouded in mystery—and also fumesNeil Armstrong was the first one
Scully's father's nickname for her.
It's a reference to Moby Dick
Where the Queen of England lives
Big Blue from 'Quagmire,' S3, E22, is similar to this legendary Scottish creature2001 Pixar film—John Goodman and Billy Crystal voice the protagonists who get as many laughs as they do screams
Surname of the disturbing family in 'Home,' S4, E2Hyphenated 3-word phrase used to describe a story that is pure fabrication
Infamous, bank-robbing, murdering romantic couple, immortalized in the popular consciousness by a 1967 filmS3, E4 title; Peter Boyle guest-stars
S3, E20 title: 'Jose Chung's _____ _____ _____'David Bowie's first #1 Hit, from his 1969 debut album of the same name; it's a play on a Stanley Kubrick film title
Colorful 3-word term used to describe extra-terrestrial beings; also the title of S2, E1Sci-fi comedy with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones;
in The X-Files, they're Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek
Bigfoot-esque titular creature in S1, E53-word name for a decadent chocolate baked dessert—tastes heavenly, though it apparently belongs to Lucifer
Actress who plays ScullySilver-haired CNN anchor who is also the son of Gloria Vanderbilt
The brother of fellow X-Files writer Darin, he wrote 15 episodes alongside collaborator James WongKnown for his great voice, his iconic film credits include Driving Miss Daisy and The Shawshank Redemption
Infamous declaration made by Jack Nicholson's character at the climax of A Few Good MenPrimary tagline of the X-Files
US City where the FBI is headquarteredPublishing company that gave us Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman
Site of the battle between Rohan and the orcs of Saruman in Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersMulder's mysterious informant in Season 1—same name as the source who exposed the Watergate scandal
Title applied to a beautiful woman who distracts the audience during a performance of sleight-of-hand tricksMulder and Scully's tough but benevolent FBI boss, including his official job title
X-Files writer and producer best known today as the creator of a hit AMC series starring Bryan CranstonClassic '60s TV show that followed the comic adventures of seven shipwrecked castaways
The name of the AMC series created by the aforementioned X-Files writer and producerS5, E12 title; Mulder and Scully assist a buck-toothed cop (played by Luke Wilson) in tracking down a vampire
City and province in which almost all the first 5 seasons of The X-Files were shotAmerican music label, owned by Sony, that has released albums from Beyoncé, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, and more
Phrase on the poster in the X-Files office behind
Mulder's desk
1998 Cher lyric: 'Do you ____ _ ___ ___ ___?'

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