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Do you recognize these inhabitants of Middle Earth that aren't elf, dwarf, man, or hobbit??

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Gandalf's magnificent equine steed, foaled in Rohan
These winged creatures conversed with the Dwarves of Erebor; Roäc was one
Malevolent botanical spirit that dwells in the heart of the Old Forest
Bred by Saruman, these beings were greater in stature than other orcs and willing to travel under Sunlight
No one back home will believe Sam saw these enormous beasts
The name of any one of the three trolls Bilbo unsuccessfully tried to burgle
Giant spider who devoured the Two Trees of Valinor
Monstrous offspring of previous answer who dwelt in Cirith Ungol
Heroic hound who aided Beren and Luthien
Fearful inhabitants of the foggy Barrow-downs
Lord of the Balrogs of Morgoth, slain by Ecthelion of Gondolin
Ferny's pony, purchased in Bree and befriended by Sam
One of these creatures delivered a fateful message from Bilbo in Erebor to Bard in Laketown
The father of Dragons, he met his doom by the black sword of Túrin Turambar
These large beings hurled boulders at one another while Thorin and company passed over the Misty Mountains
This ancient being was an ent. THE ent, you might say
The Dwarves emptied their quivers and foolishly strayed from the path in Mirkwood trying to hunt this creature
Faithful servant yet master's bane, Lightfoot's foal, swift ________
Seven of these creatures led Tuor to Vinyamar; they became his emblem
He was chief among the Eagles of Manwë in the First Age of Middle Earth
Monstrous beast whose name meant 'the Red Maw.' He once swallowed a Silmaril
The mysteriously referenced Queen Berúthiel is said to have kept these pets blessed with impeccable night vision
Called the Windlord, he was the Eagle who so often came to Gandalf's aid
He was the broad-winged brother of the previous answer
Their howls are chilling, but some well-thrown pine cones might best them
The first of the winged Dragons, slain by Eärendel at the end of the First Age
One of these wild creatures curiously observed Frodo, Sam, and Pippin travel cross-country through the Shire
He expelled the dwarves from Erebor, later to be slain by a black arrow
These creatures fluttered before Bilbo's eyes above the canopy of Mirkwood
In Ithilien, Sam prepared a much-needed meal of herbs and stewed this creature

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