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Can you figure out the before-and-after answers with Buffy-themed clues in each question?

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1984 Cold War paranoia film,
remade in 2012
Buffy's little sister, full name
The Beatles' classic 1967 albumS3, E6 title;
Sunnydale's grown-ups behave like teenagers
Actor who played
Seinfeld's George
Xander's full name
S1, E12 title;
Buffy dies for the first time
1999 Drama starring Winona Ryder
Spike's nickname, in lifeHistorical tragedy in Northern Ireland that inspired
a U2 hit
1997 Kevin Smith rom-com starring Ben AffleckRedheaded guest-star in Tara-centric episode 'Family,'
S5, E6
Modernist Irish author of 'Ulysses' and 'Finnegan's Wake'Buffy's mom, full name
The First Slayer's cryptic, four-word message to Buffy in S5, E18, 'Intervention'Proverb: 'Don't look a ____ ____ in the mouth'
Two-word term for recreational ornithologistsAnachronistic organization headed by
Quentin Travers
S1, E8 title;
Willow's ill-fatedonline romance
Charlotte Brontë title character
New York Knicks star drafted by the Nuggets in 2003British actor who plays Giles
First names of 'The Trio' members, in alphabetical orderUS President who whose brief term in office, 1920-'23, was marked by scandal
1996 comedy starring Eddie Murphy in a fatsuitMad scientist behind the creation of demon super-soldier Adam
Name of the shop purchased by Giles in Season 5 and later run by AnyaForrest Gump quote: 'Life is like a ___ ___ ___'
Full name of Buffy's high school foil who goes on to star in 'Angel'Expression meaning 'pursue the impossible' that refers to an atmospheric optical phenomenon
S4, E9 title: Buffy and Spike plan their weddingClassic rock & roll song about foot apparel made famous by Elvis Presley, among others
Slayer who replaced Buffy, and slayer who replaced herBlonde country pop singer and wife of Tim McGraw
Three-word expression meaning 'don't discount the possibility'S1, E5 title;
Buffy has a crush on sensitive boy Owen
Hit song by British folkie Donovan with rhyming titleObject in Xander's heart-breaking speech to bring Dark Willow back from the brink
Musical fantasy film based on an L. Frank Baum novelWillow's two primary paramours, in alpabetical order
Winnie the Pooh's human best friendBuffy's boss in Season 7,
full name
Hershey candy bar with peanut-butter crisp, caramel, and milk chocolate; close relative of the ThingamajigAnya's four-word, sung explanation for what caused Sunnydale to become trapped in a musical, the alternative being midgets (S6, E7)

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