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FactAnswerstar wars
The Colossus was a monument to him.
Led the Sith Empire during the Great Hyperspace War.
Used the thought bomb on Ruusan.
Tried to overthrow Vitiate (1st time).
Lead the Sepratist Alliance.
Injured at Alderaan by Satele Shan.
Heir of Tulak Hord.
Left Revan for dead.
Husband of Bastila Shan.
Led the Sith Empire after Malgus's defeat.
Tried to overthrow Vitiate (2nd time).
Created the Rule of Two.
Drew up the Treaty of Coruscant.
Creator of Sith Knights.
Created the Holocron of Heresies.
FactAnswerstar wars
Killed Exal Kressh.
Ruled the Sith Empire and the Eternal Empire (name when Sith Emperor)
Darth Marr's apprentice.
Lord of Hunger.
Killed Palpatine.
Twilek Sith.
Lord of Pain.
Jacen Solo.
Killed Darth Plagieus in his sleep.
Killed Qui-Gon-Jin
Darth Bane's killer and apprentice.
Master of Darth Sidious.
The first Dark Lord of the Sith.
Name was Kreia as a Jedi.

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