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HintCharacterExtra Info
Spanish girl who lives on Grand IsleRepresents self-demeaning coquetry 'E' avoids
'E's' dadformer Confederate officer in the Civil War
'E's' husband; 40 year old, wealthy New Orleans businessman Concerned with social appearances
Pontellier family physicianSilently recognizes 'E's' dissatisfaction with the restrictions placed on her by social convections
Inhabitant of Chênière Caminada islandTakes 'E' in when she feels faint at Sunday service
Don Juan of New Orleans' Creole community
Single man 'E' falls in love with'Femme Fatale'
'E' and 'L's' sonsFoil to 'E'
HintCharacterExtra Info
Talented pianist, true confidante for ERepresents independence and freedom; foil to 'A.R.'
'E's' close friend'Earth Mother;' foil to 'E' and 'M.A'
14 year old girls who vacation at Grand Isle with their family; frequently entertains fellow guests by playing the pianoRepresents the destiny of adolescent Victorian girls
Spends time with many fashionable single men of New OrleansCatalyzes affair between 'E' and 'A'
Widowed mother of 'R' and 'V'Owns and manages 'the house' on Grand Isle
'R's' wayward younger brotherSpends time chasing women, refuses to settle down into a profession
Protagonist; 28 year old wife of a New Orleans businessmanGoes through 'awakenings'

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