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HintCharacterExtra Info
'C' and 'G's' neighborsLive lifestyle 'C' wants; reawakens 'C's' desire for pleasure - more
'C's' elder sister, lives in ChicagoBelieves in hard work and frugal spending
'V's' cousinChanges 'C's' view of happiness
'G's' (1st) wifeFoil to 'G' - emphasizes his home life
'G' and 'J's' sonFoil to 'G' - emphasizes his home life
Manager of Fitzgerald & Moy'sShows consequence of having an affair/stealing
Ex-soldier turned relionistFinds beds for the homeless
HintCharacterExtra Info
Young woman from Columbia City traveling to ChicagoProtagonist
'G' and 'J's' daughterFoil to 'G' - emphasizes his home life
Manager of StandardRepresents people of very common sort in America today
'M's' husbandBelieves in hard work and frugal spending
Chorus girl with plenty of experience'Little Mannon;' voice of experience
'F's' wife'C's' only companion
'Drummer;' meets 'C' on the train to Chicaga'C's' 'saving hands;' drags 'C' to 'dark side'

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