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How much do you know about Al Qaeda in Europe?

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Which Al Qaeda leader was assassinated by SEAL Team six?
Who is the current leader of Al Qaeda?
What year did the Madrid Train Bombings take place?
Who is a co founder of Al Qaeda? (not Osama Bin Laden)
What year was the shooting of the French Cartoonists?
Besides a train, what else was bombed in the Britain Bombings in 2005?
Who did the French shooters claim to work for?
How many French shooters were there?
How many people died in the Madrid Train Bombings?
What is Al Qaeda's Ideology?
When was Al Qaeda created?
What year was Osama Bin Laden assassinated in?
What is Al Qaeda designated by NATO as?
What does al-Qaeda mean in english?
How were the French shooters related?
What is the name of the magazine that was attacked in ____? (look at question 5)

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