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Louis: NO _____ _________!!!
Harry: My worst habit is _______ _____ all the time.
Niall: Let's get ________!
Zayn: Vas ________?
Liam: One Direction have to do their own ironing, you don't see ____ ____ doing their own ironing.
Louis: Thank you very much, from _________ ___.
Harry: As you all know, I'm a boy of very few words. _____ ___.
Niall: He's talking sh**. ___ ___ ____ ____.
Liam: You used to feed dogs chicken. Zayn: ____ __.
Liam: I'd be a ________ ____.
Louis: I broke _ ______ __ ____!!!
Niall: When I was smaller I used to hate going to birthday parties because they'd have clowns. Harry: _______!
Niall: Oh not you again, __ ____.
Zayn: Whenever I used to eat a sandwich, I used to ___ ___ _____ ___.
Liam: I have a strange fear of ______.
Louis: S______N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry: _____ ________ for a euro!
Niall: I'm not a ______ ___ me.
Zayn: So, how many pokemon can you ___ __ _ ____?
Liam: I'd put loads of money on a bouncy castle, and then I'd jump on it... With ______ _______ on me!
Louis: I like girls who ____ _ _____ __ _______.
Harry: They look a bit new, so I'm just gonna ______ ____ __ a bit.
Niall: Yeah _____!
Louis: OUR SURVEY SAYS... Zayn: DA ____ ____ ____ YES! We will be doing our own tour soon.
Liam: We're on the roof, and I'm absolutely freezing, __ _______ ___!
Louis: I'm a ____!

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