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Key People
Explored the New England coastline 
Wrote detailed letters describing the New World 
Society of eastern Nigeria based on independent villages 
Brought back spices from Calicut, and resold them at inflated prices 
Took control of Incan Empire 
First man to circumnavigate the world 
Had the Mekong Delta stolen from them by the vietnamese 
Said 'so great is the corruption that our country is being depopulated' 
One of the better-financed competitors in the Spice Trade 
First man to reach the Americas 
Key Places
Thriving port of the spice trade on the Malay Peninsula 
Had large sugarcane plantation; lied on Portugal's side of the Line of Demarcation 
Thriving society until it was ruined by the slave trade 
Major stop in the Triangular Trade; contributed slaves 
Country that discovered eastern sea route to Asia 
Single port that English traders were reduced to by Dutch traders 
African country that still has signs of European infulence 
Island the Dutch gradually brought under their control; built a fort at Batavia 
Though Columbus thought he had reached Asia, he had actually discovered this island 
Main source of spices 
Islands that were attracting Muslim and Christian converts 
Leg of the Triangular Trade that transported slaves 
Economic principle that depends on large supply of bullion 
Spanish conquerer of the Americas 
Part of the continent (as distinguished from peninsulas of offshore islands) 
Settlement of people living in a new area, linked to parent country by trade and direct government control 
Body of unelected officials 
Large agricultural estate 
Trade route between Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas that transported guns, cloth and slaves 
Difference between imports and exports 
Silver and gold 
4 Types of Southeast Asian Monarchies
Kings believed to have sacred qualities; maintained balance between spirit and real world 
Sultans viewed as mortal; defenders of faith 
Had Confucian principles; kings appointed by heaven 
King superior to others, link between human society and the universe 
Reasons for Exploration
Pope divided the world with this to reduce competition between Portugal and Spain 
African cape became known as this by the Spanish people 
Columbus sailed to the Americas in this year 
Europe brought this to the Americas, making colonization of the American civilizations easy 

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