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Forced Order
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Investors who risked their own money in new industries.
People who were offered grants to attract American settlers to Texas
Religious community that played a major role in settling of west(think pylagamy)
Custom that demanded Women to restrict their activites to the home and family
Slave who was taught to read and write by his owner's wife. He escaped slavery and started his own anti slavery newspaper, the north star.
Young worker learning a craft
Gift of public land to individual or organization
Inventor of the first steel plow.
Philosophical and literary movement that emphasized living a simple life and celebrating the truth found in nature
Garrison's newspaper
Book about thoreau's adventures at a pond(worst book ever)
Established church of latter day saints. He was jailed for destroying a printing press and was killed in jail.
Woman who decided t travel the country preaching for abolition. Also, spoke about women's rights.
Effort to prohibit drinking of alcohol
Leader of Texas in battle of San Jacinto. Later was the first president of Texas
Treaty in which Mexico ceded New mexico and California and agreed to the Rio Grande border. In return, The U.S paid 15 million for several states.
2nd leader of mormons who moved his followers near the great salt lake.
Religious activism
Call to outlaw slavery
Treaty that gave Natives the land east of the rocky mountains. In return, they agreed not to attack settlers and to allow construction of of gov. forts and roads.
People began to buy and sell good instead of making them for their own use.
Young boys who fought to the death against a group of marines
President of Mexico
Skilled worker
Group that emphasized reason and appeals to conscience as path to perfection instead of emotion.
Religious movement where preachers rejected idea that god predetermined whether you go to heaven or hell.
Freeing of slaves with no payment to slaveowners
Raising one or two cash crops to sell at home or abroad.
Mission fort where Mexicans massacred numerousTexans
System in which manufacturers povided the material for goods to be produced at home.
Peacefully refusing to obey laws instead of fighting
Slogan adopted by Polk's supporters reffering ot the Oregon territory.
Expiremental groups who tried to create perfect places. All of them shared a common goal: self succiency
Went into Nicaragua and took over. Was also sent to the Gadsden purchase.
Rush to California for wealth
Young umarried girls who worked in a kind of factory
Most radical white abolitionist who started his own newspaper and created the new england anti slavery society.
Acronym discriminating against Irish people
Pre civil war south
Writer who put idea of self reliance and living a simple life into practice when he moved to walden pond.
Rule limiting or preventing debate on an issue
New england writer and leader of transcendentists
Group that shared goods with each other, refused to fight for any reason, and believed that men and women are equal.
Major advocate if prison reform
Work stoppage in order to force an employer to respond to demands
Texas after it was granted independence.
Free black who advised slaves to fight for their freedom.
Women's rights convention in New York
Amendment that prohibited slavery in lands gained by mexico.
Sisters who were strong supporters of abolition.
Leader in public school reform who became the first Massachusetts secretary of education.
Emotional meeting designed to awaken religious faith through preaching and prayer
Mexican settlers
Association formed by Sarah Bagley to petiton for a 10 hour workday
War in which Natives fought against settlers who tried to force them out. Started because a prophet told the leader of the natives a prophecy about the war.
Court case that supported workers' right to strike
Inventor of the mechanical reaper.
Gifted preacher who led a slave rebellion His group attacked 4 plantations and killed 60 whites before being captured and executed.
System in which Spanish tried to convert Natives to Catholicism and mve them to desiganted lands.
Economic system in which private buisnesses and individuals control the means of production and use them to earn profits.
Women who started the first Women's rights convention
Gave U.S land south of the gila river and established the current borders of the 48 states.
Belief that the U.S' destiny is to expand to the pacific ocean and Mexican territory.

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