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AchievementAnswerHow Many
3,400+ MLB Hits9 in MLB
250+ NFL HC Wins3 Coaches in the NFL
13+ Pro Bowl Selections4 in the NFL
1,000+ NBA Wins6 Coaches in the NBA
110+ NFL Rushing Touchdowns4 in the NFL
2,400+ NBA Steals4 in the NBA
600+ MLB Home Runs8 in MLB
140+ NFL Sacks6 in the NFL
14,000+ NFL Rushing Yards4 in the NFL
60,000+ NFL Passing Yards5 in the NFL
875+ NCAA Basketball HC Wins4 Coaches in NCAA Men's Basketball
30,000+ NBA Points4 in the NBA
400+ MLB Saves6 in MLB
15,000+ NFL Receiving Yards5 in the NFL
2,500+ MLB Managerial Wins4 Managers in MLB
3,000+ NBA Blocks4 in the NBA
AchievementAnswerHow Many
65+ NFL Interceptions6 in the NFL
750+ MLB Stolen Bases6 in MLB
600+ NHL Coaching Wins6 Coaches in the NHL
17,500+ NBA Rebounds2 in the NBA
4,000+ MLB Strikeouts4 in MLB
10,000+ NBA Assists4 in the NBA
8+ MLB Championship Rings6 in MLB
8+ NBA Championship Rings6 in the NBA
450+ NHL Goaltender Wins5 in the NHL
700+ NHL Goals7 in the NHL
375+ College Football HC Wins4 Coaches in NCAA College Football
20+ MLB All-Star Games3 in MLB
400+ NFL Passing Touchdowns5 in the NFL
15,000+ NBA Rebounds5 in the NBA
125+ NFL Receiving Touchdowns5 in the NFL
350+ MLB Wins9 in MLB

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