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Can you name the Disney Movies from a 2 Word description??

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Forced Order
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Two WordsMovieYear
Little Dopey1937
Don't Lie1940
Sorcerer Mickey1940
Floppy Ears1941
Mom Shot1942
I'm Late!1949
One Shoe1950
Hungry Alligator1953
Sharing Spaghetti1955
Long Nap1959
Spotted Animals1961
Stubborn Blade1963
Bare Necessities1967
Sophistocated Felines1970
Wanted: Thief1973
Aid Society1977
Struggling Friendship1981
Sherlock Holmes1986
Orphaned Cat1988
Human Legs1989
Two WordsMovieYear
Australian Mice1990
Old Tale1991
Three Wishes1992
Life's Circle1994
Native Americans1995
Zeus' Son1997
Chinese Army1998
Tree Swinging1999
Mythical City2001
Pet Alien2002
Brotherly Love2003
Super Bark2008
New Orleans2009
Long Hair2010
Arcade Games2012
Inflatable Robot2014
Animal Harmony2016
Dying Island2016

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