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Can ya Adam and Eve it?
Turn on the Custard and Jelly, Eastenders is on!
I can't find me Knobbly Knees!
I'll get the Ant and Dec..
I locked me self out of me Cat and Mouse!
I can't believe he went Apple Bobbing!
I picked you some April Showers.
I'll have a lager and she'll have a Supersonic.
I'm feeling a bit Sue Lawley..
Pass the Army and Navy!
Get your feet off the Aunt Mabel!
We got any Stammer and Stutter for me toast?
Has anyone got a Street Fighter? Mine doesn't work.
Me Hay Stack is killing!
What the Henry Neville is going on!
He's totally Chicken Jalfrezi!!
Let's got to the Nuclear Sub, I fancy a pint.
There's some White mice in the freezer..
Do you want a cupa Rosy Lee?
We were having a nice Top Hat before you interupted!

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