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Can you name the MTG Planeswalker Cards?

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Forced Order
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ColorlessNew Phyrexia
BlueAvacyn Restored
Red, GreenTheros
Black, GreenReturn to Ravnica
Red, GreenGatecrash
RedAvacyn Restored
Blue, RedDragon's Maze
White, RedLorwyn, Shards of Alara, M10, M11, M13, M14
RedLorwyn, M10, M11, Zendikar, M12, M13, M14
WhiteRise of the Eldrazi, M12, Return to Ravnica
BlueLorwyn, M10, M11, Worldwake, M12, M13, Return to Ravnica, M14
Black, WhiteZendikar, M12, Dark Ascension
BlackLorwyn, M10, M11, Innistrad, M13, M14
Black, Red, GreenShards of Alara, Rise of the Eldrazi
WhiteShards of Alara, Scars of Mirrodin, Theros
RedScars of Mirrodin
Blue, Black, RedConflux, M13
Blue, BlackTheros
Blue, BlackShards of Alara, Mirrodin Besieged
Green, BlackLorwyn, M10, M11, M12, Innistrad, M13, M14
White, BlueScars of Mirrodin

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