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Can you name the AP World History period 6 chapters 13-15?

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What was the major epidemic in America as a result of the Columbian exchange?
What brought a new age of art and literature to Europe?
People came to the real world for...(the three g's)
What was the Italian Renaissance based on?
What year did Constantinople fall?
What year was the Treaty of Tordesillas made?
Which city became the economic center of Europe in 1498?
Who was the great Chinese explorer of the 15th century?
The belief that there is a finite amount of gold and silver on earth
Who is responsible for finding the Philippines for Spain?
In the treaty of Tordesillas, Spain got west of what country?
Who opened up the spice trade for Portugal?
The sun never sets on which empire?
Who dominated the Spice trade in the 1600s?
What crop saves Jamestown?
separation of church and state
Slaves were captured from the coasts of...
Tomatoes, potatoes, and syphillis were all part of what exchange
Who spurred the beginning of the Age of Exploration?
What year did Ferdinand Magellan's voyage begin?

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