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reshiram f,p
darmanitan f,p
swoobat f,p
pansear f,p
cresselia f,p
solosis f,p
magmar f,p
venipede f,p
darumaka f,p
lampent f,p
litwick f,p
elgyem f,p
arcanine f,p
whirlipede f,p
growlithe f,p
scolipede f,p
flareon f,p
combusken f,p
omastar f,p
giratina f,p
gardevoir f,p
rapidash f,p
duskull f,p
crobat f,p
ponyta f,p
xatu f,p
drowzee f,p
charmeleon f,p
vulpix f,p
numel f,p
girafarig f,p
volcarona f,p
larvesta f,p
beheeyem f,p
flareon f,p
moltres f,p
haunter f,p
victini f,p
heatmor f,p
sigilyph f,p
ninetales f,p
cyndaquil f,p
duosion f,p
gothitelle f,p
quilava f,p
typhlosion f,p
reuniclus f,p
slugma f,p
gothita f,p
gothorita f,p
magcargo f,p
unown f,p
slowking f,p
magby f,p
wobbuffet f,p
entei f,p
celebi f,p
lugia f,p
houndour f,p
houndoom f,p
mew f,p
torchic f,p
smoochum f,p
mewtwo f,p
lunatone f,p
combusken f,p
solrock f,p
blaziken f,p
grumpig f,p
spoink f,p
torkoal f,p
meditite f,p
medicham f,p
camerupt f,p
wynaut f,p
chimchar f,p
latias f,p
latios f,p
monferno f,p
jirachi f,p
infernape f,p
deoxys f,p
magmorter f,p
heatran f,p
chimecho f,p
ho-oh f,p
abra f,p
tepig f,p
kadabra f,p
alakazam f,p
pignite f,p
exeggute f,p
emboar f,p
vulpix f,p
charmander f,p
exeggutor f,p
charmeleon f,p
ninetales f,p
jynx f,p
charizard f,p

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Tags:Pokémon Quiz, fire, psychic

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