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QUIZ: Can you name the Presidents from their Children?

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Forced Order
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Eliza, Maria Hester
Margaret Woodrow, Jessie Woodrow, Eleanor Randalph
Lynda Bird, Luci Baines
Frederick Dent, Ulysses 'Buck', Ellen 'Nellie' Wrenshall, Jesse Root
Martha, Charles, Mary, Robert, Andrew
Michael Gerald, John 'Jack' Gardner, Steven Meigs, Susan Elizabeth
Russell Benjamin, Mary Scott 'Mamie' Elizabeth
Robert Alphonso, Helen Herron, Charles Phelps
Harriet Lane (orpaned niece whom he raised)
Jenna, Barbara
John, Calvin
'Mary' Margaret
John Payne Todd (Wife's from previous marriage)
Maureen, Michael, Patti, Ronald Prescott,
Harry Augustus, James Rudolph, Mary 'Mollie', Irvin McDowell, Abram
Herbert, Allan
Caroline, John
Patricia 'Tricia, Julie
Abigail, John, Charles, Thomas
Chester Alan, Ellen 'Nell' Herndon
George Washington, John, Charles Francis
George Walker, John E. 'Jeb', Neil M, Marvin P., Dorothy 'Doro' Walker
Mary, Robert, John, Letitia, Elizabeth, Alice, Tazewell, David Gardiner 'Gardie', John Alexander, Julia Gardiner, Lachlan, Lyon Gardiner, Robert Fitzwalter 'Fitz', Pearl
Anna Eleanor, James, Elliott, Franklin, John Aspinwall
Ann Mackall, Sarah Knox, Mary Elizabeth 'Betty', Richard 'Dick'
Martha 'Patsy', Mary 'Polly'
Millard Powers, Mary Abigail
Andrew (adopted nephew), Lyncoya (adopted niece). Guardian of: John Donelson, Daniel Donelson, Andrew Donelson, Andrew Hutchings, Carolina Butler, Eliza Butler, Edward Butler, Anth
Alice, Theodore, Kermit, Ethel Carow, Archibald Bulloch, Quentin
Ruth, Esther, Marion, Richard Folsom, Francis Grover
Elizabeth Ann Christian (From extramarital affair)
Chelsea Victoria
John Sheldon Doud
Malia, Natasha 'Sasha'
Robert Todd, William 'Willie' Wallace, Thomas 'Tad', Edward Baker
Abraham, John, Martin, Smith Thompson
Katherine 'Katie', Ida. (Both died in infancy)
John William 'Jack', James Earl 'Chip', 'Donnell' Jeffrey, Amy Lynn
John Parke, Martha Parke (Adopted from wife's previous marriage)
Elizabeth 'Betsey' Bassett, John Cleves Symmes, Lucy Singleton, William Henry, John Scott, Benjamin, Mary Symmes, Carter Bassett, Anna Tuthill
Sardis Birchard, James Webb, Rutherford Platt, Frances 'Fanny', Scott Russell

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