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Electrons exist only at fixed levels of potential energy. However, if an atom absorbs sufficient energy, a possible result is that
The attraction between oppositely charged particles is called an
Nitrogen is much more electronegative than hydrogen. What is correct about the atoms is ammonia? NH3
When two atoms are equally electronegative, they will interact to gorm
Molybdenum has an atomic number of 42. Several common isotopes exist, with mass numbers of 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, and 100. What subatomic particle makes up the difference in the a
In what way are elements in the same column of the periodic table the same?
Which kind of bond describes the attraction of water molecules to one another?
Why is each element unique and different from other elements in chemical properties?
What results from an unequal sharing of electrons between atoms?
What is true of all atoms that are anions?
The basic unit of matter that stil retains the properties of an element is called a(n)
In comparing covalent bonds and ionic bonds, which would you expect?
A covalent chemical bond is one in which

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