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The last general officer of the American Civil War from either side of the conflict to die, dying at age 97 in 1933, (USA)
His mother was supposedly from a very prominent Italian family, while his father was French. Throughout his life, he dropped his first name and used his middle names (CSA)
Served as Governor of Georgia for 1 term and was the titular leader of the Ku Klux Klan (CSA
Ran for President of the United States in 1880. Although he ran a strong campaign, he was defeated by Republican James Garfield by the closest popular margin ever (USA)
He became afraid of horses when at age eight he was kicked and nearly killed by a horse, he became a music teacher and band leader (USA
Called by many the 'Black Knight of the Confederacy', he generally rode horses that were pure white or pure black (CSA)
He was one of the wealthiest planters in the South and the owner of the largest number of slaves (CSA)
He was a corrupt methodist President of the United States (USA)
He was briefly considered as a vice presidential running mate for Abraham Lincoln in 1864. After the war he served in diplomatic and appointed political positions (USA)
Taught mathematics at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, instead of an artillery teacher at USMA (CSA)
His father and mother were convicted convicts when they met and served indentured servants in Maryland (CSA)
He was given a nickname because of a clerical mistake and was refered as Mr. F. J. by Robert E Lee (USA
Was a Governor of Massachusetts and Speaker of the House of Representatives before the war (USA
He often donned a red calico hunting shirt, which his men called his 'battle shirt,' when a battle was about to commence (CSA)
Attended the USMA, but resigned following an incident in which he broke a plate over the head of fellow cadet Jubal Early, often reffered to by his friends as 'Lo' (USA)
Ceremoniously raised the original 33 star American flag in triumph over the recaptured but badly battered Fort Sumter on April 14, 1965 (USA)
He was well-liked by his soldiers, who referred to him affectionately as 'Uncle John'. His death, although ironic, was met by universal sorrow (USA)
He was the highest ranking general killed during the entire war (CSA)
It was in Florida that he experienced a conversion to evangelical Christianity and considered resigning from the Army to become a minister (USA)
He rode into battle with a sword in his right hand, pistol in his left, and the reins in his teeth, as was the style of the Chasseurs, like he had been trained in France (USA)
He possessed a chin 'so short and retiring as positively to disfigure his otherwise fine countenance.' He quickly grew a beard, was a womaizer (CSA)
Was the first Republican candidate for the President of the United States (USA)
He allegedly stood by the side of Representative Preston S. Brooks as Brooks attacked Massachusetts abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner in the Senate chamber with a cane (CSA)
He was an engineer who constructed many lighthouses before the war (Union)
His ancestors were in the first 13 German families who imigrated to New England in 1693, his original surname was Kuster (USA)
He died one day after being mortally wounded, allegedly gave a Confederate general his most famous nickname (CSA)
A quotation by Lincoln best describes this man, 'If he can't fight himself, he excels in making others ready to fight.' (USA)
Lived only 200 days of being the President of the United States (USA)
The 14th Vice President of the United States, was 36 years old when he was inaugurated, the youngest VP to date (CSA)
He took out a patent for the cable car in San Francisco, has a minor league baseball field named after him (USA)
In his college presidency, he supported President Andrew Johnson's program of Reconstruction and inter-sectional friendship, while opposing former slaves rights to vote (CSA)
In 1864, he was the chief military advisor to President Jefferson Davis, later helped persuade the President that the war was lost (CSA)
Was a college professor from Maine, he recieved the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Gettysburg (USA)
His father was a Spanish merchant captain, his most memorable quotation was the response to the question 'What's the trouble' (USA)
He was the first Superintendent of the USNA, later was the Captain of the CSS Virginia (CSA)
He was a millionaire and one of the richest men in the South, having amassed a personal fortune that he claimed was worth $1.5 million, some of which was from being a slave trader
He was the first President of the National Rifle Association and tried to help mediate peace during the Franco-Prussian War (USA)
He was nervous and fidgety and spent many nights sleeping cuddled around a foot stool, he was known as the eccentric of the Army of Northern Virginia (CSA)

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