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Can you name the fouls in a NBA game in 3 minutes?

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Illegal contact by the defense, but not on the ballhandler
Foul where a player knocks over another player while the player is moving
Foul where an offensive player runs into a defender who has established position
Misconduct that referees believe are detrimental to the game
When two players commit fouls at the same time
Foul where elbows are used to establish position
When two are more players engage in fighting
Unnecessary conduct against an opponent
A foul committed on purpose to stop the clock or prevent a basket
Foul when a defender makes conduct with an offensive player while shooting the ball
Using hands to interfere with an opponent's freedom of movement
Foul when a player who sets a screen is moving
Jumping over the back of an opposing player to get a rebound
Foul that happens when a defender makes contact with the ballhandler while attempting to steal the basketball
When a player uses their leg or foot to cause an opponent to loose balance
Illegal contact, committed by an offensive player
Foul where one player punches another
Foul where one player pushes another
Where each personal foul committed by a player is counted against their team
Contact which occurs with an opponent after the ball has become live

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