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Forced Order
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What is Kevin Arnold's favorite NFL team?
Who is Kevin's ex-girlfriend/nemesis?
What school subject does Kevin struggle with most?
What war did Jack Arnold fight in?
What actor portrayed Karen's hippie boyfriend Louis?
What is Kevin's best friend's name?
Winnie's older brother tragically dies in the Vietnam War. What is his name?
In what sport does Paul make the school team?
What artist sings the intro song for The Wonder Years?
What derogatory nickname does Wayne often call Kevin?
What actor is the narrator of the show/voice of adult Kevin?
What is the name of Kevin's algebra teacher?
What actor played Kevin's science teacher?
What teacher moonlights at Santa Claus at the local mall?
What musical instrument did Kevin take lessons in?
Does Kevin end up with Winnie as his wife?
In what year does Jack Arnold pass away?
What network originally broadcasted the show?
What actress portrays Norma Arnold?
Fred Savage's younger brother Ben starred on what sitcom?

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