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The HARD Rick & Morty quiz

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QuestionAnswerExtra Hint
Sooo good at playing the flute.Wears glasses
Creators '______ >&< ______'
Time gets fracturedNOT the total
Name of Jerry DaycarePlay on words
Name of Morty & Summers schoolOut the front of the school
Best couples counselling in the galaxyThe planet
Rick is placed in maximum security forTells a fellow inmate
Man Vs Car presentersInterdimensional cable 2
Pluto's rulerScroopy Nupers dad
Saves the lame ass partyRick sends Aberdolf Lincler, Morty and Nancy
QuestionAnswerExtra Hint
Worth 6 and a half Rapples'The schleem is pressed and extracted'
Ricks assassin customer'If you need anyone killing, anyone at all..'
'___ _____ was a jam'Title of the episode
Beth's vetenary assistantTries to flirt with her
'Wubba lubba dub dub' translationBird Person tells Morty
The doctor inside ReubenBlue organism
The vampire killing at school'Was he doing a bit?'
The race of the giant heads'SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT'
The FIRST parasiteSat at the table
The equation in the title credits Rickdiculously easy

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