Halo 4 Dead

Can you name the Halo 4 Dead?

The first known Spartan to get infected.
The name of the Chief's and Aeris' child.
The Pheonix's Lunch Lady.
Washington's childhood sweetheart.
The disease that killed her...
General Almeida's full name.
The name of Chloe's AI.
Her password to allow communication.
The AI Dr. Keith Simmons left behind.
The item that finds Galena.
The price Yuuko makes Wyoming pay for it.
The character that gets 'infected' but shows no symptoms.
Jun's adoptive daughter.
Chloe's weapon of choice against Dr.Church.
Name of the Doctor who's research helps slow down Grif's cancer.From the TV drama ER.
His wife.She does not have the same last name as her husband.
Name of Tex and Church's son.
His 'specimen name'.
The man he thinks is his father in Rapture.
The desperate father in Rapture
The UNSC's biggest ally IN Rapture.
The AU Kingdom Tucker dreams of.
AU Sakura's age when AU Kat touches the alter.
The demon that 'murders' Clay.
Clay and Autumn's last name.
The type of 'special' infected that infected them.
The AU Kingdom's High Priest.
The Spartan-III that caused Riku and Sora to be friends.
The ship the non-vaccinated (but not infected) people are sent to.
The ship the vaccinated (and still not infected) people are sent to.
Leader of the refugee humans and their ships trying to land in Sanghelios.
The human that purposely infects themselves to see if they are immune.
Spartan 115.
Name of the game based on Dr.Church's home town.
The date Halo 4 Dead began.
The characters that hijack a Sangheili ship.Male, Female, Male
The member of the Reikai Tantei who gets infected.
Kuwabara and Yusuke's pet name for Kurama.
The first known Spartan IV!
The device that gives Maine a voice.
The price for that item.
The item given to Fai by Yuuko, paid by an unknown admirer.
Tony Almeida's best friends:
Emile's favorite flavor of ice cream!
The AU bitch who murders AU Kat by shooting her in the stomach.
The item AU Autumn uses to help them escape.
The spot Emile kicks Sokka.
The word Sakura uses for she and Jun's meeting.
Halo 4 Dead's alternate name:
The Spartan that sends out a distress video, beacon, etc... to the Arbiter when the infection hits.

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