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Can you name the All Ghost-Type Pokémon Moves?

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PP UsageMove NameEffect On Opponent
1530% Chance To Cause Flinching
10Confuses Opponent
10Ghosts Lose 50% of Max HP & Curse Opponent, Non-Ghosts Raise Attack & Defense, But Lower Speed
5If User Faints, Opponents Also Faints
5If User Faints, All PP Usage From Knockout Move Is Depleted
10Inflicts More Damage If Target has Status Condition
3030% Chance of Paralyzing Target
5Ignores Target's Ability
1 (Z-Move)Ghost Type (Z-Move)
15Inflicts Damage Equal To User's Level
15Sleeping Opponent Loses 25% of Max HP Each Turn
510% Chance of Raising All User's Stats At Once
10Disappears On First Turn, Attacks On Second. Can Strike Through Protect/Detect
PP UsageMove NameEffect On Opponent
1520% Chance of Lowering Target's Special Defense
10May Lower Target's Defense
15High Critical Hit Ratio
5Disappears On First Turn, Attacks On Second. Can Strike Through Protect/Detect
20Ignores Accuracy & Evasiveness
30User Attacks First
1 (Z-Move)Decidueye-Exclusive Z-Move
1 (Z-Move)Marshadow-Exclusive Z-Move
10Steals Target's Stat Boosts, Then Attacks
10Prevents Target From Switching Out
10Opponent's Last Move Loses 2-5 PP
20Adds Ghost-Type To Opponent

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