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Can you name the All Fairy-Type Pokémon Moves?

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PP UsageMove NameEffect On Opponent
20Raises Special Defense of Allies
30Always Goes First, Lowers Target's Attack
20Sharply Lowers Opponent's Attack
10Protects The Pokémon From Status Moves
10Hits All Adjacent Opponents
15Ignores Accuracy & Evasiveness
10User Recovers Most of HP Inflicted On Opponent
10Prevents Fleeing On Next Turn
30Inflicts Damage, No Secondary Effect
5Sharply Lowers User's Special Attack
10Restores Targeted Ally's HP Up To Half, Restores More When Terrain Is Grass
PP UsageMove NameEffect On Opponent
10Sharply Raises Defense of All Grass-Type Pokémon In Battle
10Charges On First Turn, Sharply Raises User's Special Attack, Special Defense, & Speed On Second Turn
1 (Z-Move)Tapu-Exclusive Z-Move, Cuts Opponents HP By 75%
5User Receives Recoil Damage
10Protects Field From Status Conditions For 5 Turns
1530% Chance of Lowering Opponents Special Attack
5User Recovers HP, Varies Depending On Weather
10Divides Foe's HP In Half
10May Lower Opponent's Attack
10Confuses Opponent
1 (Z-Move)Fairy Type Z-Move

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