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ClueAnswerMore Info
Tim Allen plays...
Who plays ____ _____ in the TV show Galaxy Quest.
Alan Rickman plays...
Who plays ___ _______ in the show.
Sigourney Weaver plays...
Who plays _____ ______ in the show.
Tony Shalhoub plays...
Who plays _____ in the show.Last name
Sam Rockwell plays...
Who played ____ in one episode of the show.First name
Daryl Mitchell plays...
Who plays _______ in the show.First name
Dr. Lazarus' catchphrase (that Alexander absolutely hates)12 words
Commander Taggert's catchphrase (that the crew absolutely hates)5 words
The crew originally thinks that 'Gorignak' means...2 words
But it actually refers to the...2 words
Justin Long made his acting debut in this movie as the nerdy fan...The character's name
Corbin Bleu played young...
Jason refers to the aliens as 'termites' and 'Dalmatians.' What are they really?1 word; basically their nationality
What is the name of their leader?1 word
And his second in command?1 word
ClueAnswerMore Info
Which of the aliens looks up to Dr. Lazarus as a father figure?
What does Alexander/Dr. Lazarus promise to do for #22?
What is Tawny Madison's job on the ship?
What is the name of the female alien whom Chen falls in love with?
What does the crew descend to the alien planet to retrieve?
Who did Alex play on stage?
How many curtain calls did he have?
How far back in time does the Omega 13 allow the user to go?
Where does the core implosion timer stop?
Besides Galaxy Quest, which TV show do the aliens believe was a real occurence?
What two 'earth foods' are mentioned aboard the alien ship?1 is a sandwich; the other is meat
* 'Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!'
'You don't hold the tubo down, it's for quick boosts!'
'Am I too late for Alexander's panic attack?'
'Wow, the floors are so clean!'
'Are we there yet?'
'HEY! Don't open that! It's an alien planet - is there air? You don't know!'
'The animal is inside out... and it exploded!'
'Perhaps I'm not as stupid as I am ugly.'
'We made it, Commander. We made it.'

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