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Can you name the Bath and Body Works' scents (2010)?

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Black embrace
Dark gemstone
Red fruit flower from Asian island nation
Sensory + hardened tree sap
12 am + fruit with tough peel
Soft fabric + perfume plant
Cooking flavor + darkest color in the spectrum
Hidden place inspiring awe
Sunset forest
Heated cooking flavor + natural sweetener
Lunar body illuminates trail
Dark color + small fruit + cooking flavor
Bright citrus fruit + blue gemstone
Colorless hue + lemon/orange/lime/grapefruit
Ocean + isle + naturally derived fabric
Gracefully moving H2O particles
H20 particles embraced plants
Virgin pickle + cantaloupe/honeydew/casaba
Colada + small green citrus + small purple flower
Tropical fruit + small orange
Eternal light rays
Not-sour + green vegetable in pod
Post-script 'I care very deeply for you'
Red fruit flower
Beautiful winged insect + part of a plant containing reproductive organs
Not tame + vine flower with sweet nectar
Mesmerized delicate tropical flower

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