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1. What is the name of the Deputy Chief who is the title character?
2. Who does she work for in the show?
3. What is the current name of the division she heads?
4. What was its previous name?
5. Before that, it was briefly known as _____ ______ ______, until its awkward acronym was noticed.
6. What university did Chief Johnson graduate from?
7. What are Brenda's parents' names?
8. Brenda worked for the ____ for 7 years as an interrogator.
9. True or False? Brenda was married and divorced before the show begins.
10. What three languages (besides English) can Brenda speak fluently?
11. Detective of Latino heritage; expert on LA gangs.
12. Detective Sergeant of African-American origin; extremely loyal to Brenda.
13. Often-times antagonistic Commander of the Robbery-Homicide Division.
14. Detective Lieutenant who was a former alcoholic; sober for 10 years.
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15. Detective Lieutenant who is often chauvinistic and politically incorrect.
16. Detective Lieutenant of Chinese ancestry; completed one year of medical school.
17. Detective who was reassigned to another division after the 4th season.
18. Assistant Police Chief
19. Special Agent of the FBI who acts as liason to the LAPD; absolute gentleman; married Brenda in Season 4.
20. Crime Surveillance Technician who is very by-the-book and protective of his equipment.
21. Medical examiner from Seasons 1-3; often stern but occasionally displays emotion over a case.
22. Medical examiner from Seasons 3-present; has a quirky sense of humor and a bit of a crush on one of Brenda's squad.
23. Medical examiner from Seasons 1-present; insists that people use his new title of 'Doctor.'
24. Captain from Internal Affairs; often butts heads with Brenda.
25. Brenda's first cat, which she more or less inherited when she moved into the house.
26. The kitten that Fritz brought home after #25 had to be put down.
27. New Police Chief of the LAPD (as of season 6).

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