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Year (approx.)BattleHint
480 BCThe Greek Navy defeats the Persian navy of the coast of Athens.
331 BCAlexander the Great defeats Darius III and effectively becomes ruler of Persia.
216 BCHannibal annihilates the much larger Roman army under Varrus and Paullus with the most famous example of double enevelopment.
202 BCThanks to Scipio Africanus, the beginning of the end for Carthage.
53 BCAn overmatched Marcus Crassus is crushed by Suren and the Parthians.
48 BCJulius Caesar, despite being outnumbered more than two to one, defeats Pompey once and for all.
31 BCThis defeat caused Marc Antony to fall on his sword.
9 ADUpon learning about this fiasco in Germania, Augustus exclaimed, 'Varus, give me back my legions!'
451 ADAttila the Hun's path of destruction is halted by the Aetius and Theodoric.
731 ADThe Umayyad armies are stopped by Charles Martel (aka 'The Hammer').
1066 ADWilliam 'the Bastard' becomes William 'the Conqueror' and king of England.
1071 ADThe Byzantine army fractures, allowing the Seljuk Turks to gradually take control of Anatolia.
1187 ADThe Crusader armies leave their castles only to be vanquished by Salah al-Din in the desert.
1260 ADThe Mamluk army defeats the Mongols and prevents them from conquering Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean coast.
1415 ADThe vastly outnumbered British under Henry V use longbows to devistating effect versus the French.
1571 ADThe Holy League outguns the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean.
1777 ADHoratio Gates defeats the British which encourages the French to aid the American Colonies. Gates is considered by some to replace Washington.
1780 ADGates is routed in the South. Americans can consider it a blessing that he was never promoted over Washington.
Year (approx.)BattleHint
1781 ADThe Americans overcome the odds and win this battle and the war (with considerable French assistance).
1798 ADIn a bizzare plot that failed miserably, the French invade Ireland. Final invasion of the British Isles.
1805 ADConsidered Napoleon's greatest victory; the Coriscan emperor obliterates the combined Russian and Austrian armies.
1815 ADOld Hickory wins an overwhelming victory, even though it had no significance in the war's outcome.
1815 ADNapoleon's final defeat
1836 ADEmbarrassing defeat and capture of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna that led to the formation of the country of Texas
1854 ADCrimean War battle that is famous for one of the worst military decisions ever made. (Name it)
1862 ADMcClellan missed a golden opportunity to end the war here; he was rightfully demoted by Lincoln as a result.
1863 ADLee's invasion is smashed while both sides sustain massive casulties.
1876 ADCrazy Horse takes advantage of George's bull-headed decision
1879 ADStarted as an unforseen British defeat by the Zulu, but turned into an improbable victory. Also the subject of a Michael Caine film.
1914 ADBeginning of trench warfare when the French and BEF thwarted the initial German advance
1916 ADOne of the bloodiest battles in history; Allied attack in which no clear objective was reached.
December 7, 1941 AD'A date which shall live in infamy'
1942 ADThe Japanese unexpectedly lose their main carrier force and the tide of the Pacific Theater.
1942 ADIn a hellish and long battle, the Nazi invasion of Russia is turned back.
1942 ADMonty forces Rommel's Afrikakorps to retreat from Egypt.
1954 ADThe French decisively lose Indochina to the Viet Minh.

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