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QuestionAnswerEpisode name
How old is the bully that Malcolm beats up? (write out the number)Shame
What does Reese want to bury with aunt Helen?Funeral
What is the name of the boy that Dewey brought home?Funeral
Who burnt Lois' red dress?Red dress
Who does Francis send home to find the letter?Smunday
Why does Dewey have to stay home? Water park
How many candy quacks does Francis bet he can eat?Traffic jam
Who do the family get into a fight with at the batting cage?Lois' birthday
Where do Hal and the boys accidentally wander into?Casino
Why does Malcolm have to help an old woman after school everyday? Old mrs old
QuestionAnswerEpisode name
What does Reese mistake for a burnt baked potato?Robbery
Who does Malcolm play in the school play?High school play
What do the other cadets do to Francis on his birthday?Bully
What is the name of the Krelboyne girl in Malcolm's class?Krelboyne Girl
What is Malcolm accused of being by the neighbourhood?New neighbors
What weapon does Victor hand to Reese? The Grandparents
What do Francis and the cadets go on a hunger strike for? Surgery
What is the name of Craig's cat that dewy has to take care of?Malcolm vs Reese
Dewey convinces other people that he is an ------ in order to get what he wantsEvacuation
What was Malcolm trying to make when he accidentally creates chlorine gas?Flashback

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