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Can you name the details of this mind-bending thriller ?

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Forced Order
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What is the most resilient parasite?
What is stealing an idea called?
According to Arthur, why is inception impossible?
Why did Cobb and Arthur go to Paris?
Who was the first to develop dream sharing?
How did architects get involved?
Where was Eames?
According to Eames, inception wasn't impossible but...
According to Eames, to perform inception you need what?
Who is Robert Fischer's godfather?
What is Robert Fischer's father's name?
How many hours of flight time do they need to do the job?
How many team members are there altogether?
Where is their flight going to and from
Beacuse of the heavy sedation, what happens when you die in the dream?
What are the six digits that Fischer comes up with
You musn't be afraid to...
What is the name of the gambit designed to turn Fischer's subconscious against itself?
Who directed this movie?
Who is the cinematographer for this movie?

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