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Can you name the Newsradio Guest Stars by their characters?

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CharacterActor/ActressRelation to Newsradio Character
Andrea (Planbee)Jimmy's Efficieny Expert
DavidA Member of Chock Full of Notes
BobA Member of Chock Full of Notes
BrianA Member of Chock Full of Notes
Ulysses S. GrantBill's friend in the psychiatric hospital
AndrewMatthew's 'adopted' brother
SandyOffice Temp/Beth's copycat
BrentOffice Temp/Matthew's nemesis
RogerJimmy's Attorney
Sal Joe's Oldest Brother/Priest
CharacterActor/ActressRelation to Newsradio Character
JackJoe's 2nd Oldest Brother
NancyDave's Wisconsin (ex)girlfriend
Secuirty Guard #1Tortures Bill McNeal about his ID
Security Guard #2Tortures Bill McNeal about his ID
One-eyed StalkerStalks Bill McNeal for an autograph
Celebrity Guest (himself)Studying Bill but interested in what makes Matthew 'tick'
Celebrity Guest (himself)Bill and Lisa get an 'interview' with this star from a restaurant
Celebrity Guest (himself)Host of awards show where WNYX sweeps/Takes down Joe at awards Banquet/Reports Matthew for showing private parts in bathroom during awards show
Celebrity Guest (himself)Guest on 'The Real Deal' about rap lyrics
Celebrity Guest (himself)A witness for the plaintiff (Jimmy James) in a small claims court case/His skull was a subject of cross-examination

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